Rick Boersma


Meet Rick Boersma

A creative thinker, risk-taker and leader by nature, Rick Boersma epitomizes what it means to be innovative.

For almost two decades, Rick has created, spearheaded and delivered hands-on experiential programs to organizations wishing to:

  • develop innovative solutions
  • improve creative thinking among frontline employees
  • find effective ways to problem-solve

Most notably, Rick is the designer of Juice’s flagship Innovation in a Box program: a strategic five-step program and toolkit proven to fuel innovative thinking. He is also the author and artist of the soon-to-be-released Innovation-in-a-Box Graphic Innovation Guide: a hybrid comic book, textbook and workbook to help organizations be more innovative.

An animated, passionate and compelling speaker and trainer, Rick helps organizations realize that—with the right tools—anybody can innovate.

By incorporating fun and engaging simulations, artwork and theory into his presentations, Rick ensures every audience member walks away feeling prepared, energized, and excited to begin innovating.

"Rick Boersma (is) an energetic, engaging facilitator whose Innovation in a Box process provides practical tools which are easy to understand and use."