Learning Simulation: The Big Picture

The Art of Alignment


Work within organizations is becoming increasingly complex. Compound that with a highly volume of change, uncertainty, volatility and ambiguity, and no wonder people resort to putting their head down and focusing on what they know - their own work. The problem is that the solution to complexity requires that people stay connected to the big picture and effectively break down silos and collaborate across functions.


The Big Picture learning experience engages your team in exploring how to effectively break down silos, collaborate effectively, and ensure alignment, all in service of delivering on the vision. The Big Picture beautifully illustrates the importance of ensuring all the components of your organization — people, processes and resources — are aligned with its strategic vision.

How it Works

Participants work in teams, each responsible for creating components of an 8-by-10-foot banner. The pieces are assembled into the final image, which is raised in a big reveal. It allows participants to witness the favourable outcome of their efforts as well as the price of misalignment. The banner will be co-designed with you prior to your event. Each team has a mission - to translate their components to scale, and then colour them according to the colour guide. Then, bring all the parts together to erect the banner. During the exercise, teams will have the opportunity to stop, engage in debriefs, and make adjustments - ultimately architecting their own success.

Want to Extend the Impact of Your Big Picture Experience?

We can help you by engaging one of our artists to co-create a custom image to reflect your specific theme. We will then provide you with a high resolution image following your session and can help you build communication or learning tools based on the image.

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